Enjoying the Outdoors with Children
Take a Hike!
Hiking with children is simple to do and very rewarding.  Learn how to enjoy this wonderful outdoor activity with children of all ages, from infancy on up.
Canoe Camping in the Tetons

Arkansas - hiking, camping, and canoeing
Choosing Baby Carriers/Child Backpacks
Proper Footwear for Hiking
Songs and Games for the Trail
Outdoor Essays
Mountains and Milestones
As avid outdoor enthusiasts, my husband and I tend to measure our children's development in terms of their hikes and look forward to each new stage.
The Bear
A dayhike in the Tetons on a popular trail includes an unexpected surprise.
How an inflatable boat and a muddy creek bank allowed me and my friends to escape from the normal confines of teen-age life and cement our friendship.
Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Girls in the Mud
Don't Rock the Boat - Canoeing with Kids
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With some planning, you can enjoy canoeing with children and keep them safe, too.  Learn how to avoid tipping over...and how to cope when you do.
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