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Road Trip Websites
Useful for driving directions, estimating distance and time between stops, and obtaining maps of your destinations. 
Lists thousands of “offbeat tourist attractions” like the world’s largest ball of twine and the Wigwam Motel. 
When you just can’t face more interstate fast food, search this site for the best local diners, ice cream parlors, and restaurants of all kinds.
To keep the kids (and adults) happy in the car, try some of the games and ideas at Time to hit the road!
State-by-state listings with information on accommodations, restaurants, attractions, plus links to state and local tourism websites.
Loads of articles, tips, and links about taking road trips and U.S. travel destinations.  Also includes a forum where you can post questions.  Check out the funny road signs feature for a laugh!
Details from the Road Trip USA book, outlining eleven different U.S. road trips, with attractions and sights along the way.